Inviroshield M5 is a photocatalytic coating fluid that can prevent infectious diseases. Registered as an infectious disease control product in STePP of UNIDO ITPO TOKYO.

Inviroshield M5 can be used in hospital operating rooms, restaurants, general housing, etc.

It can be used in various places.

We have conducted demonstration tests of antibacterial and antiviral effects at domestic and overseas inspection organizations, and have proved that they can exert their functions in various environments.

We provide various information about coating application, such as basic work methods and precautions for the application in hospitals.

Facilities had the treatment of Inviroshield M5 are inspected under the rigorously test and made public through this website. We can visit these facilities safely.  

If you have any questions regarding the construction of Inviroshield M5 or new handling of products, please contact us.

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