Three elements of infection

①Pathogen(Source of infection)

Needless to say, if there are no pathogen (Source of infection), you never have any infection diseases.

However, normally pathogen are invisible and they can exist everywhere in our daily life.

Pathogen contains microorganism (bacteria, virus) that is caused of infectious diseases. The following things have possibility to be pathogen.

・Vomit, excreta (feces, urine), wounded skin, mucus.
・Blood, biological fluid, secretion of fluid(sputum,pus)
・Equipment after use (Injection needle, gauze etc.)
・Hands and fingers after touched these above things.

②Route of infection

If you would like to cut off the route of infection, you need to prevent contact with pathogen.

However, you always have risk of having infectious diseases from your family, community etc.

Furthermore, public places (hospital, office, school. nursing home etc.) have high risks of infectious diseases.

Normally, pathogen exists for a few hours to a few days. Once it gets into inside of body, you must be infectious diseases very easily.

Especially, pathogen gets into your body from nose ,eyes ,mouth and trauma where have weak mucus.

③Body condition

There are lots of bacteria and virus in our life and they have wide toxic potential.

Your body condition is very important to prevent infectious diseases. If you are healthy and no diseases, it is rarely to have infectious diseases. Or you will be able to recover just a few days even if you have strong toxic bacteria or virus.

On the other hand, persons with a weak immune system such as children, old people, persons with underlying disease, have a potential for clinical deterioration. Therefore, they need to be very carefully not to get infectious diseases.

Prevention for infectious diseases

When you contact with someone or something that have a possibility to be source of infection, you need crucial careful and suitable measures.

When you touch blood,biological fluid, excreta etc.

Wear lubber gloves and mask properly.

When you treat infected waste.

Wear lubber gloves and mask properly.

For splash of blood , biological fluid and excreta

Wear lubber gloves, mask, apron, protective goggle properly.

For injection,cut treatment

Wear exam gloves properly.

Infection prevention and control

・Wash your hands


・wear a mask

・Stay home

・Proper ventilation in room

・InviroshieldM5 application

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