What is “Photocatalyst”?

“Photocatalyst” can decompose various bacteria ,virus and gas odors then change to safety substance “CO2” and “Water”.
This chemical reaction occurs only under lights. 
Inviroshield M5 has a potential to prevent from any bacteria and virus that are resistance to normal alcohol type disinfectant since M5 has high decomposition power by photocatalyst mechanism.


Defeat virus / bacteria by high oxidizing power !

Under light irradiation, chemical reactions occurs on the surface that have photocatalyst treatment. First, water on the surface are oxidized and change to hydroxyl radical (・OH). And oxygen on the surface also becomes free radical(.O2-)

This is the mechanism of photocatalyst. It has very high oxidative decomposition, and make various bacteria and virus, VOC gas change to safety substance(CO2 and water).

Basic features of photocatalyst.

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