Field test

 We have conducted an antibacterial performance evaluation test at the National Hospital Organization Yokohama Medical Center in Japan, and it has been proven to be sufficiently effective.

Long-term performance test

 A field test was conducted to compare the long-term antibacterial persistence of disinfectants using quaternary ammonium salts and Inviroshield M5 in the Singapore National General Hospital, and to confirm the superiority of Inviroshield M5. is doing.

 In this test, a long-term test was conducted for 3 months, and MRSA, a multi-drug resistant bacterium, propagated on the quaternary ammonium salt of the normal disinfectant, but no growth was observed on the surface of Inviroshield M5.

 The Preventive Healthcare initiative in India conducted a comparative test of the growth of bacteria over a period of more than a year to test the sustainability of regular disinfectants and Inviroshield M5.
 Areas treated with conventional disinfectants showed 1974 percent bacterial growth after about a year. However, on the surface coated with Inviroshield M5, the growth of bacteria was 0%, demonstrating that the antibacterial effect was sustained for years.

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