Hospital Name: National center of infectious diseases Working place:Meeting with the National Center of Infectious Disease […]
Hospital Name: Second hospital Working place:Meeting with the Second hospital administration Working contents: From right side […]
Facility Name:Personal residence (Mr.Watari) /Entrance and bathroomApplication Date:2021, July 20thProcessing Facility Number:2021-072001
Facility Name:Hana PharmacyApplication Date:2021, July 10thProcessing Facility Number:2021-071002
Facility Name:Ishigase PharmacyApplication Date:2021, July 10thProcessing facility Number:2021-071001
Facility Name:Teradu PharmacyApplication Date:2021, July 3rdProcessing Facility Number:2021-070301
Facility Name:Asunaro PharmacyApplication Date:2021,June 13thProcessing Application Number:2021-061301
Facility Name:HINESS SHINJUKU 2 (Elevator)Application Date:2021, June 23rdProcessing Facility Date:2021-062301
Facility Name:Topos enterprise Co.,Ltd.Application Date:2021, May 30thProcessing Facilities Number:2021-053001